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For over a decade the SIMalliance has been supporting the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services across the globe. A non-profit trade association, the SIMalliance is working in partnership with members and the wider mobile community to anticipate and address the security, identity and mobility challenges of an increasingly converged internet.

SIMalliance members are Eastcompeace, Fundamenture, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Incard, Kona I, Morpho, Oasis Smart SIM, Oberthur Technologies, Valid, Watchdata, Wuhan Tianyu and XH Smartcard (Zhuhai). SIMalliance Strategic Partners are Comprion, Linxens and Movenda. 

23 March 2015 - SIMalliance will bring together experts from across the NFC ecosystem at an interactive workshop, on 4 May, to open the CARTES America conference.
The free-to-attend workshop, will explore the key security, usability and testing considerations of near field communications (NFC) deployments and the approaches offered by host card emulation (HCE), secure element (SE) and hybrid deployment models.
Delegates will learn:
-The importance of determining the best NFC deployment strategy based on the unique security and other requirements of individual NFC service use cases.
-What is happening, and what still needs to happen, to allow service providers to gain easier access to their customer base through NFC-enabled SIMS issued by MNOs.

Speakers confirmed:

-Hervé Pierre, Chairman, SIMalliance
-Martha Hall Findlay, Chief Legal Officer, EnStream
-Kevin Gillick, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform 

Panellists confirmed:

-Hajo Sandschneider, Director of Marketing and Product Management, COMPRION
-Christian Raccuglia, NFC Testing Product Manager, FIME
-Boutheina Chetali, Technical Innovation Managers, Trusted Labs
-Peter Helderman, Principal Consultant, UL

More to be announced. 

Only 60 places are available at this exclusive workshop, with limited passes for delegates in three categories: service providers (banks, transit operators, retailers etc), MNOs and technology vendors. Places will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested parties are encouraged to register early.
For more information and to register please visit
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  • SIMalliance OMAPI test specification for Transport API v2.0
    In parallel with the release of the updated OMAPI Specification, SIMalliance has revised the OMAPI Test Specification to define compliance testing according to the new procedural interface within the API. The newly published OMAPI Test Specification v2.0 outlines mobile device compliance to the OMAPI Specification v3.0 and defines test cases in order that conformance tests can be executed. 

    Download the specification here>
  • Open Mobile API Specification v3.0
    The SIMalliance Open Mobile API v3.0 specifies how mobile applications may access different secure elements in a mobile device, such as UICC and embedded SE. It provides interface definitions and UML diagrams to support implementation across a variety mobile platforms and programming languages.

    Download specification here> 
  • UICC Configuration for Mobile NFC Payments v1.0
    This paper defines SIMalliance’s recommendations for UICC configuration and feature requirements in mobile near field communication (NFC) payments. The aim of this document is to provide guidelines that support service providers, mobile network operators (MNOs), manufacturers and implementers of mobile NFC payment services, by facilitating system integration, simplifying interoperability and reducing market fragmentation.

    Download the paper here> 
  • Open Mobile API – Test Specification v1.0 – Errata Note
    During the review of the SIMalliance Test Specification v1.0 by the GSMA and GlobalPlatform, several points were raised which required either an update of the test cases or additional clarification on the expected behaviour from the devices or from the test tools implementing the test specification. This document summarises all the changes; the changes will also be integrated into the next SIMalliance Test Specification document. The document shows revision marks to indicate the new applicable content (and only the new content).

    Download the document here> 

  • Open Mobile API test specification for Transport API v1.1
    The Open Mobile API Test Specification v1.1 was developed by SIMalliance in response to industry demand for increased standardisation in the way that the Open Mobile API Specification is implemented globally. The test specification outlines mobile device compliance to the Open Mobile API Specification v2.05, and defines test cases in order that conformance tests can be executed.

    Download the test specification here>  

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