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Corporate Governance

Member and Strategic Partner companies agree to abide by the following policies set forward by the SIMalliance. These policies set forth the framework, rights and obligations for membership.

SIMalliance Code of Ethics

Ethical behaviour underpins the way in which members of the SIMalliance behave, do business and treat one another. The SIMalliance Code of Ethics aims to guide Members’ actions, encouraging a way of working which is honest, responsible and respectful and fair. Any Member who fails to behave in a way which is consistent with this Code may be subject to termination as a SIMalliance member.

SIMalliance Competition Law Compliance Programme

The SIMalliance Competition Law Compliance Programme should be interpreted in light of the basic goals of the SIMalliance, namely to promote interoperability and the rapid development of widely available specifications that will foster openness and competition in the SIM-card market to the benefit of consumers.  In seeking to comply with the competition laws, the SIMalliance board, working group chairmen and members should abide especially by a few overarching principles. In particular, the operation, activities, and decision-making of the SIMalliance should:

- further consumers’ interest in the rapid development of accessible and widely-available specifications to fully exploit the powers of the SIM-card, SIM-card extensions and the SIM application toolkit to support value added services and technical development in relation to GSM and other mobile phones and networks

- be transparent and permit genuine and effective participation by SIM card industry participants

- avoid any collusion among SIMalliance members (and others) that would restrict competition

SIMalliance IPR Policy

The purpose of the SIMalliance Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPR Policy) is to support the protection of intellectual property while achieving compliance with the goals of SIMalliance to foster openness and competition in the SIM-card market to the benefit of consumers. The IPR Policy seeks to reduce the risk that investment in the preparation, adoption and application of Specifications by SIMalliance could be lost as a result of an Essential IPR for a Specification being unavailable. The IPR Policy therefore seeks to balance the needs of standardization with the rights of IP owners.
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