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The SIMalliance CAT Loader 2.0 allows network operators and service developers to manage ETSI toolkit applications compliant with the latest release using the high-speed CAT-TP protocol and allows users to download and install applications on the SIM card, as well as analyze card content and remove applications. A must-have tool for any applications developer, SIMalliance CAT Loader 2.0 has been tested with all main SIMalliance card suppliers, to ensure it is a truly interoperable tool. New features within CAT Loader 2.0 include: • Management of contactless applications (NFC) according to GlobalPlatform 2.2 Amendment C • Management of SCP02 security according to GlobalPlatform 2.2.1, allowing confidential management of card applications • Update to the most recent specification of card content management • Management of multiple sessions and scripts

Released on 30.4.2012  Download
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A set of industry leading interoperability collaterals containing detailed specifications, standardization considerations and pragmatic tips - aim to simplify the development, implementation and support of new NFC contactless services and applications. .

Mandatory for MNOs, service designers and providers, integrators, hardware manufacturers, etc.

Released on 21.6.2011  Download
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Projected to account for almost a third of mobile payments transactions by 2014 (source: Research and Markets, 2010), mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) promises to revolutionise both device to device communication, and the way consumers engage, interact and transact with brands. These contactless services present a host of opportunities in payment, transportation, access control and data exchange. But addressing the challenges of the NFC world is critical to enable its success from a device, network and service perspective. Once again, the role of the ‘Secure Element’ within the device is paramount in managing authentication and certification; not only to ensure the integrity of financial transactions and data exchange throughout the NFC chain, but to deliver the required levels of interoperability as well. The white paper look at the evolving NFC services market and adresses interoperability issues. It goes a liitle further on from interoperability and touches upon secure application and service lifecycle management and details the specifications and tools SIMalliance has produced over the last ten years to advance interoperability and security in application and service development and deployment.

Released on 21.6.2011  Download
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SIMalliance white paper "Stepping Stones" has been updated to integrate Smart card Web Server (SCWS) technology. It's a practical guide to interoperability with tips and suggestions to help service developers design new applications that will work with any USIM card.

Released on 31.12.2009  Download
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