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MOBILITY: Intelligent Network Services

MOBILITY: Intelligent Network Services
Global authentication and intelligent roaming in Radio Access Networks (RAN)

The delivery of intelligent network services is one of the central tenants of the UICC / LTE proposition. The key element of this is, of course, secure access.
Featuring a multi-application and authentication structure, the UICC in the LTE environment offers strong authentication to the different radio access network technologies from GSM and CDMA, through UMTS to WiFi and LTE via different applications.

This is critical to ensure the mobile operator is protected against the threats of the IP world, while the user can be assured of seamless connectivity across different networks. While there’s a temptation to look forward, backwards compatibility is a must in today’s diverse world where service delivery across legacy networks remains important to operator strategies to maximize previous investments.

Building on authentication and access, the ability to intelligently switch between networks is critical, for both operator and consumer. For the operator it allows intelligent traffic management and prioritization; the ability to offload video traffic onto other networks such as a WIFI hotspot for example thanks to advanced roaming control. Such flexibility allows capacity issues to be managed more effectively while reducing cost and assuring the highest quality of experience for the end consumer.
The UICC can also open a channel to download services to the card and ‘intelligently choose’ which network technology to use.

Authentication to the IP Multimedia System (IMS)
Immune to viruses and malware, the operator network has never been under permanent threat of malicious attack. By contrast, the number of attacks in the online world is huge.

This is where the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), integrating ISIM features for authentication to IMS, comes into play. This is a critical point because the flexibility of the Internet world brings with it security threats never seen before in the mobile environment. 

IMS is the key to a converged wireless and fixed network world. Subscribers can use the same services across devices (mobile phones, PCs, office or home networks) and through a number of different channels (WiFi, DSL, LAN, 3G, Femtocell, etc). This is significant as subscribers have the potential to associate multiple devices to the same account, increasing the potential for a multiple penetration rates within an operator’s existing subscriber base.

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