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Open Mobile API
SIMalliance believe the development of an open API is a major step forward in enabling the delivery of an increasing number of business and consumer applications and transactions that demand the very highest levels of security and information assurance.

The Secure Element protects the application, the user and the mobile network from IP-borne malware attacks, and shields brands from the financial and reputational issues they are experiencing today.

Allowing controlled access via the open API will stimulate growth within the application provider community by addressing the costs of application development and delivery in a multi-device, multi-operating system world.
There is little doubt that the UICC or any other Secure Element affords the kind of protection that the market and its consumers need.

Through the creation of the Open Mobile API workgroup the SIMalliance is offering a standardized solution to allow the industry to maximize the opportunities and reduce the security risks of today’s IP world.
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