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Securing NFC and Mobile Transaction Success

5:30 pm o'clock, Tuesday, 3.4.2012 -
5:30 pm o'clock, Tuesday, 3.4.2012



United Kingdom
With technology challenges behind us, a growing critical mass of NFC enabled handsets, discussions have moved on to business model. How can the industry most effectively encourage mass consumer adoption, what are the relative merits of the differing TSM strategies and where will the next competitive battles be fought?

Speaker: Frédéric Vasnier, Chairman of the Board, SIMalliance

Moderated by Guy Clapperton
Guy Clapperton is a 20 year veteran technology journalist, contributing to the Guardian, Times, Telegraph and other UK national papers. He is the author of two social media books, broadcasts on the BBC News Channel, and a regular event moderator. Guy will be introducing our webinars, opening them up to your comments and asking the incisive questions.

(16:30 GMT - London, 17:30 CEST - Paris, 8:30 PST San Francisco)


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