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SIMalliance Collaboration with IEEE Brings Mobile and Internet Authorities Together

SIMalliance Collaboration with IEEE Brings Mobile and Internet Authorities Together


In recognition that the continued convergence of mobile and internet technologies requires a unified approach to standardisation and security, SIMalliance has announced a collaboration with IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) to encourage greater global cooperation between the mobile and internet industries as the ecosystem develops.
“As mobile connectivity drives the development of more advanced and secure web-based services for smartphones, tablets, cars and a number of new connected devices, including sensors for home or medical appliances, the worlds of mobile and internet technologies are drawing ever closer,” comments Frédéric Vasnier, Chairman of the SIMalliance. “Secure mobile web-services, for example, may increasingly require authentication of a user, patient or customer’s identity via the secure element (SE)*, which is found within a mobile device. Potential opportunities for secure connections in the expanding internet of things (IoT) and mobile identity markets are vast.

“From a technical perspective, the growing interaction between internet and mobile technologies has given rise to a need for inter-industry cooperation and alignment on standardisation and security. Collaboration is essential to ensure the continued evolution of an open and interoperable ecosystem which takes into account the requirements of, and draws on best practice from, both industries. To this end, we look forward to establishing our work plan with IEEE in the coming weeks.”

SIMalliance is the leading global authority on SE technology and security provision for mobile applications and services. IEEE is the world’s largest professional organisation advancing technology for humanity. IEEE standards set specifications and best practices based on current scientific and technological knowledge, including standards for wireless and wired connectivity that are foundational elements for mobile connectivity and the internet. The collaboration between SIMalliance and IEEE-SA is intended to bring together key stakeholders to discuss the technical challenges and market opportunities that convergence creates. The end goal is to promote a standardised and interoperable ecosystem to enable converged mobile and data services to develop to their fullest potential.

Edward Rashba, Director, New Business Ventures at IEEE-SA, comments: “We welcome the collaboration with SIMalliance particularly as it has the potential to enable more secure web-based services via mobile devices and to put more power in the hands of consumers. Through our work in eHealth, smart grid, IoT and other initiatives, the IEEE Standards Association has an abundance of experience in bringing together leading companies from across disparate industries to focus on broad technical challenges. We look forward to exploring all possibilities for joint work with SIMalliance and our global constituents.”

As a first step in the collaboration, representatives from both SIMalliance and IEEE will participate in a panel discussion titled ‘Maintaining a Standardized Environment’ at SIMposium USA, on 20th May in Las Vegas. Throughout the discussion, Hervé Pierre, General Secretary of SIMalliance and a host of industry experts will address key issues surrounding internet / mobile convergence, such as: differing levels of security and privacy for different applications; increasing ecosystem communication in line with ecosystem convergence; maintaining interoperability as more devices become connected; and expanding trusted networks for identity, authentication and privacy.

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* A secure element (SE) is a tamper-resistant platform (typically a one chip secure microcontroller) capable of securely hosting applications and their confidential and cryptographic data (e.g. key management) in accordance with the rules and security requirements set forth by a set of well-identified trusted authorities. (Source: GlobalPlatform: Secure Element Made Easy Guide)

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SIMalliance is (the non-profit trade association) dedicated to supporting the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services and applications across the globe. Working in partnership with members, strategic partners and the wider mobile community, SIMalliance anticipates and addresses the security, identity and mobility challenges of an increasingly converged internet. Through its working groups the alliance seeks to offer the blueprint to create a secure, open and interoperable environment where mobile services thrive. Headquartered in London, its membership is responsible for delivering the most widely distributed secure application delivery platform in the world (SIM/USIM).

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