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The SIMalliance CAT Loader 2.0 allows network operators and service developers to manage ETSI toolkit applications compliant with the latest release using the high-speed CAT-TP protocol and allows users to download and install applications on the SIM card, as well as analyze card content and remove applications. A must-have tool for any applications developer, SIMalliance CAT Loader 2.0 has been tested with all main SIMalliance card suppliers, to ensure it is a truly interoperable tool. New features within CAT Loader 2.0 include: • Management of contactless applications (NFC) according to GlobalPlatform 2.2 Amendment C • Management of SCP02 security according to GlobalPlatform 2.2.1, allowing confidential management of card applications • Update to the most recent specification of card content management • Management of multiple sessions and scripts

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